There’s no doubt that Our Footwork System is the centerpiece of our program. We give you game options. How? By breaking down what great players do and teaching you how to do the same thing step-by-step. For the last ten years, we’ve been studying the most effective ways to teach you footwork so that you can feel the way high-perfoming players move. Because the curriculum and skill level advances with each year of enrollment, both intermediate and advanced players can look forward to being challenged each session.

Game Situation

Why is 3 on 3 better for you to develop your game as a player versus 5 on 5? There are less players. Why is that important? When there aren’t as many players on the court, you spend more time with the ball applying all the moves you’ve been learning against defenders. In addition, our 3 on 3 format gives every player an opportunity to shoot, dribble, pass, cut, and work on spacing. Basically, improving all aspects of your game to get you ready for any situation you will see in a 5v5 game.

Film Sessions

Every training session starts with a Film session. It’s a learning experience created to motivate and inspire our players with NBA players, college coaches, and leading researchers. When our players hear from people they look up to, it ignites the learning process.


Positive Atmosphere

Changing limits to accomplish things you’ve never done before is tough. We get that. In fact, we embrace it. Mistakes are the guide-posts that teach us what we need to work on. That being said, every session we’ll bring the positive energy and we expect you to do the same and together we will change your limits.