After reading the FAQ’s, who do I call if I have questions?

We encourage all inquiries to be addressed through
the website by clicking here to contact us
However, you may contact Jason Rose…
By Phone: 636-387-2339
By Email:

All Mail and Checks can be sent to:
Ledbetter Basketball
PO Box 179398
Saint Louis, MO 63117

Where will training be held?


O’Fallon Christian Church
9380 Veterans Memorial Pkwy  O’Fallon, MO 63366


Missed a Session? Click here to schedule a Make Up Session

What ages are accepted into the Academy?

Players in the upcoming fall going into 5th -12th grade.

1 on 1 Sessions for College Bound and Professional Athletes.

How will the kids be grouped?

Groups consist of 7-12 players according to age, gender and years in the Academy. We take a very intellectual approach to our training and the value is in the information and how they apply it on their own. We believe finding a group with good chemistry and players to challenge each other is important, but please keep in mind, the true value is in the information they obtain from the program. Players naturally go to their strengths when going against stronger competition. Their is a lot of value playing against weaker competition if the player uses that opportunity to practice their weaknesses. There are opportunities to grow in every situation, if your child focuses on themselves and stops comparing themselves to others.

What if I miss a training session?

1-hour make-up sessions are offered throughout the 24 Weeks.   We make sure players understand the information they missed so they can practice on their own.

Try to makeup the session you missed in the same week or the following weeks. However, we want to make sure you receive your full value, so feel free to attend any make-up sessions to make sure you are getting your full 24 weeks in the off-season. Make-up sessions are subject to change day/time and will be updated weekly on the website and through email. CLICK THE SCHEDULE A MAKE UP SESSION LINK BELOW TO VIEW THE FORM:

Click here to schedule a Make Up Session

How often do players attend?

We meet once a week for 60 minutes. Summer schedule may vary depending on groups and game application.

Sessions are designed for players to learn and understand what they need to practice in between sessions by themselves and with teammates. Each session progresses from the previous session.

We do not put guidelines on how much time players should practice in between sessions. We highly encourage players to put a lot of time in between sessions, but ultimately it comes down to the player and their goals. We have an accountability system unique to our program to encourage practice.  If they need more help we are always available for questions or extra demonstration to make sure they are understanding the curriculum.

We are more than willing to sit down with parents and players to discuss their goals and expectations.

What can we expect our child to receive from Ledbetter Basketball?

Our training system focuses on improving the overall player. We focus on individualized skill development, as well as building confidence in each player. We guarantee that if your child focuses on the fundamentals we teach, and practice daily, you will see a remarkable difference in their skill level by the end of the fall session. However, it is important that the child has a passion to play basketball – this drive will encourage them to perform better, as well as remain consistent with their daily development. It is our goal to instruct them in a way that will foster this passion, as well as assist them in learning to enjoy their practice sessions.
We assess players throughout training. If we feel a player is not performing to their full potential or seeing improvement, we will have discussions with the parents and player to decide if the program is a good fit.
If you have any questions regarding your player’s development, we are always open and willing to discuss.

What is your overall success rate?

We have a very high overall success rate. We have received an average 97% satisfaction rating since starting the Academy over 12 years ago. We have had many kids succeed in making their High School teams, as well as go on to make college teams, and professional. We believe that the success rate, as we continue to grow, will also grow by leaps and bounds. We have already seen remarkable results, and we encourage you to talk to other parents who are familiar with the program.

How is Ledbetter Basketball training different from any other basketball instruction or training programs?

  1. The best way to develop any basketball skill is step by step and starting by developing proper footwork.  We have architected the best system for developing footwork and the model has been expanding for the past 11 years with over 4000+ and counting players who have gone through our program.
  2. We bring the most successful College Coaches / Professional Players / Best-Selling Authors to your child for a unique 1 on 1 learning experience every week.  They get to hear thoughts from these ultra-successful people that we have personally interviewed that they might not, otherwise, be exposed to.
  3. We are thought leaders in unique game application using the skills your children learned to further their development.  Your child can learn how to apply the footwork into a game setting as well as working on the intangibles needed to be successful beyond basketball.
  4. Other programs focus more on skill conditioning and random drills. We focus on the details that can be applied to any drill or game situation.

Who will be instructing my child throughout the sessions?

Each group will be taught by a lead instructor who has multiple years experience. In addition, we try to bring in student mentors (coaches and/or players who have gone through or studied our program. Most are currently in or have graduated from our program to help assist players during the sessions).